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The Death of Elvis

The Death of Elvis

On August 16, 1977, many fans of Elvis Presley got the shock of their lives. At the young age of 42, he was dead in his Memphis mansion by his then girlfriend. The following paragraphs will discuss in greater detail the death of Elvis Presley.

Although his official cause of death was said to be of cardiac arrhythmia, rumors have existed that Elvis actually died of an overdose of prescription drugs. It was widely known that Elvis had developed a prescription drug habit, and over the years it had grown worse. Records show that in a one year period, he spent over a million dollars on doctor visits and prescription costs. It has been said that many doctors would oblige Elvis Presley, and prescribe him the medication, simply because of his fame. His wife has stated publicly that Elvis, himself, did not see his drug abuse as a problem, because medical doctors were prescribing him the drugs.

During the final years of his life, Elvis’s health deteriorated quickly. He was hospitalized several times for different ailments from pneumonia to hepatitis. He put on a lot of weight, and many of his fans started to notice how all these things combined was negatively effecting his acting and musical performances. Even though he was often sick, as well as addicted to prescription drugs, he continued to sing and tour when he could.

Elvis’s autopsy results are sealed. The official cause of death remains in tact to this day. However, many of his fans, and those close to Elvis, will believe he died of an overdose of prescription drugs. Some of his friends and fans do not believe he even died. The mystery of Elvis’s death will live on. Without seeing the official results of his autopsy, no one will ever know what really happened to Elvis.