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Elvis and His Drug Addiction

Although Elvis Presley’s official cause of death was not listed as a drug overdose, many of those close to him felt that his drug addiction greatly contributed to his death. Because he got his drugs from a doctor, Elvis never recognized his drug use as a problem. The following paragraphs will take a closer look at Elvis and his drug addiction.

Elvis Presley first started taking prescription drugs regularly while he was in the army, stationed in Germany. He was taking amphetamines to help him stay awake, and to help him wake up. His wife has been quoted saying she recalls the presence of Elvis’ pill addition from her very first visit with him in America. During the first years of their marriage, he also began taking sleeping pills to help him sleep at night, then took Dexedrine when he got up to counteract his sleeping pills. Sometimes Elvis would not wake up until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and still wake up groggy.

In Elvis’ mind, his reliance on prescription medication was totally related to his hectic schedule. Those close to him say he claimed he needed the prescription pills in order to maintain the onstage energy, then to help him sleep after his performances. In Elvis’ mind, since he got the drugs from the doctor, there was no problem with him taking as many as he thought he needed.

Health ailments can also be part of the cause of Elvis’ prescription drug problem as well. In the last few years of his life, he was hospitalized several times. Some of the health problems he was hospitalized for include: throat ailments, hypertension, digestive disorders.

Elvis also suffered from many other health issues from hepatitis to pneumonia, for which each of them he was prescribed medication.